Therapies for cancer

Comprehensive care for the patient with cancer.

At the Cancer and Hematology Center our commitment is provide the most comprehensive and patient-centered cancer care to our patients and their families.

Our specialists have completed their medical training in the most prestigious cancer centers in the United States and Europe and are recognized as the top physicians in their field of expertise.

We know that each case of cancer is unique and we put all our professional team to work on the best way to treat it, following international care protocols and incorporating the most recent advances in oncology.

Our team of specialists reviews each case, and determines the ideal treatment for the patient. When warranted, we take the case to discussion in sessions with international colleagues.

Our goal is to provide our patients with the best medical care available, in the most comfortable way. To achieve it we have a clinical coordinator who is responsible for planning all appointments, examinations and follow ups. The clinical coordinator makes sure that everything that is needed for a therapy or procedure is performed at the right time, and also ensures that optimal use of the patient's time is met, avoiding long waits between appointments, or unnecessary visits to the hospital.

The Cancer and Hematology Center treats patients with any type of cancer. In the case of the most common cancers in the Costa Rican population, we have developed specific care programs that have multidisciplinary teams of professionals specialized in these types of cancer.

Do not hesitate to contact our clinical coordinator. Write to the email or call +506 70812953