Life after cancer

Taking care of the patient who has completed cancer treatment

The Cancer and Hematology Center offers comprehensive care for people who have finished their cancer treatment and are free of disease through their Survivorship Clinic. In this clinic, those patients who have had a diagnosis of cancer in the past, follow an individualized care plan according to the type of cancer and the treatment received.

During the oncology consultation for survivors, the doctor will focus on the following aspects of your health:

  1. Clinical attention to medical, psychological and socio-economic problems as a consequence of the cancer diagnosis. Detection and management of late effects of cancer and its treatment.
  2. Monitoring and surveillance of the dissemination or recurrence of primary cancer, of the appearance of a second cancer, and of late psychological and physical effects. This surveillance includes physical exams, blood tests and diagnostic procedures which can help determine if the cancer has returned.
  3. Coordination of care between primary medicine providers and specialists in oncology or other specialists to ensure that all patient health needs are met.
  4. Patient education on the planning of their follow-up (including a summary of their medical report) as well as education on risk factors for cancer recurrence, important aspects of nutrition, rehabilitation and physical therapy plans, mental health, sexuality, among others.